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Golden Retiever from MyDogLikes


MyDogLikes is an online publication for dog lovers focused on sharing the best of the dog world. With a large library of in-depth content they felt that they were not getting the exposure that they deserved from the search results. As they rely primarily on affiliate marketing for revenue, this was impacting the bottom line.

VitalUP was engaged for 2 primary purposes:  Growing Traffic, and Growing Revenue

We began our efforts with a thorough audit of the site and review of Google Analytics/ Search Console data. Pairing this information with thorough keyword research, we were able to identify dozens of pages with huge traffic potential that had yet to be tapped. VitalUP proceeded with a large scale blog post optimization plan which has helped to more than double MyDogLikes search engine traffic year over year.

Once the traffic was flowing, we began a process of optimizing click-through-rates (CTR's) across the board in order to help expand revenue. Utilizing techniques such as heat mapping, split testing, user behavior analysis (and lots of design tweaks) we have been able to more than  5X their passive income over the past year.


Leveraging the potential of all the work they had already put in has allowed their team to spend more time doing what they love - traveling with their dogs and inspiring others to do the same. They now have a real income generating asset which can be built upon over the long term.

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