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Natalie Mangrum Poolside


Natalie Mangrum noticed she was having significantly higher than average engagement levels for her personal Instagram account. Always business minded and wanting to see where it could go, she hired VitalUP to help her along the path to becoming a true influencer.

Natalie spends her time creating content - images, text and stories - that are authentic and inspirational, while VitalUP focuses on active engagement with her followers - likes, comments and targeted follow-backs. We also track what posts and stories are working well in her focus areas of business, health, and faith - in order to help hone her voice and identify new opportunities.

In our first 2 months of working together we have helped Natalie to grow her account by nearly 70% - while maintaining well above average levels of engagement.  We have also helped to guide her in arranging her first brand sponsorships and navigating the rules for FTC compliance. Next up for Natalie is expanding her personal brand beyond IG and setting up truly passive streams of income.

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