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Three Easy Ways to Cleanup Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence

With over 610 million members and 303 million of those are active users, LinkedIn is the place to be for business to business (B2B) sales. LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media. LinkedIn has become the social media platform to not only represent your company, but also yourself in the business world--so how you represent your company on LinkedIn has never been more crucial.

At VitalUP, we’ve cleaned up many of our clients business and personal LinkedIn pages which has helped them put their best foot forward and attract attention from other businesses and prospective employees. Your company should have a clean, modern profile image and a complementary custom banner that all employees should be using!

If you want to improve your LinkedIn presence and give your page a fresh, clean look, contact us today for a LinkedIn clean up! This includes:

1. A High-impact Profile Clean Up of Your Company and CEO LinkedIn Pages

Having an impressive LinkedIn page is about more than just images. A company or individual page should be completely fleshed out for many reasons, but perhaps the most important is that it makes you more searchable which can only boost your online presence. Leaving areas blank is a missed opportunity and, unfortunately, it’s a mistake many companies and people make. Headlines are an area where people tend to oversimplify. Your headline introduces you on newsfeed posts, the “People You May Know” section, among others, and yet you’d be surprised how many people never change the default headline created for them by LinkedIn. Talk about a missed opportunity! While you’re limited to 120 characters, there are many ways you can and should beef up your headline to make the biggest impact.

Our package includes a LinkedIn page clean-up of both your company and your CEO as well as a breakdown of your LinkedIn Analytics to see what kind of impact your LinkedIn content is currently making.

2. A Refresh of Your Company Icon Image

An icon image is an important piece of your LinkedIn presence. It should be clean, clear, and make an impact. It will be seen on every post, every like, and every comment, so make sure it represents your company well. One tip is to make sure it has a color background. LinkedIn uses a lot of white, so in order for your company’s profile image to stand out, it should not have a white background. A color background provides contrast and makes your image pop. We will make sure your image is high quality and high impact.

3. Five Custom Company Banners

Your custom LinkedIn banner should complement your profile image and be on brand with your company colors. Your banner shouldn’t just be a placeholder, it is an opportunity to show off your company’s services, products, and/or value in a stylish way. Our clean-up includes 5 custom banners, which allows you and your employees options when updating your personal pages.

Don’t let your company page sell your business short! Refresh your company’s LinkedIn page today!

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