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Technical Recruiting for Nyla Technology Solutions


Nyla Technology Solutions faced a major problem - they had plenty of work and opportunities but really struggled to find staff fill the positions. Nyla wanted to recruit "the best" software engineers and data scientists, but those candidates are in extremely high demand and only look for new jobs very passively. Their resumes never hit the open market. Those candidates simply rely on friends and companies' word-of-mouth reputations.

Nyla used to a multi-prong marketing approach to solve the problem. First, they dramatically increased their branding selecting a fresh and bright color scheme that immediately invokes excitement and being different and updated the website to match. Next, they doubled down on their Instagram account. Creating images, videos, and posts that are authentic and fun. The IG account lets candidates immediately get a quick feel for Nyla's interests and culture. Nyla staff  created blog posts too on a variety of technical topics of interest to their community. Finally, the CEO started posting herself weekly on LinkedIn to much success, with many of her posts being seen or liked over 10,000+ times. 

Though initially it was a lot of effort spread across multiple platforms, this approach paid off. Nyla more than doubled its staff in one year. In 2018 Nyla started with only 12 people on staff, but then ended the year with over 25 employees. Now many passive candidates are directly reaching out to Nyla, asking for a job, and not looking anywhere else. What was once Nyla's nightmare has now become their dream. The future looks bright.

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