Shana Cosgrove

Creative Strategist

With a background in business, analytics, and design, Shana has a ruthless focus on ensuring that all marketing efforts have a high ROI. She'll make sure it looks good while bringing in the sales.

Kevin Sando

Creative Strategist

An expert in Search Engine Optimization and Site Engagement, Kevin makes sure all the technical details are not only correct, but optimized for you. Kevin also knows how to truly build passive income from the internet. 

Nadia Simon

Project Manager

Nadia is a seasoned leader, with refined skills in multitasking, client relations, and time management. As VitalUP's Project Manager, she uses her leadership abilities to make sure our clients needs, objectives, and deadlines are met on a daily basis.

Kelly Soder

Digital Marketing Specialist

With a degree in Public Relations and experience in social and digital media, Kelly will curate the perfect post to raise your engagement while amplifying your company’s core messaging. She effectively leads initiatives and achieves goals with consistency and quality.

Jessica Farkouh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jessica's experience with social media, content creation, and web development will elevate your business's performance. She is constantly innovating and expanding her knowledge base by evolving along with new marketing trends and tools.